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 weird youtube comment

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PostSubject: weird youtube comment   Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:41 pm

Yesterday I was looking some random video on youtube, and somebody had posted this totally irrelevant message in the commentsection. I read it and was a bit shocked, like wtf am I reading here. I copied the message and saved it, in case it was removed from youtube.


Quote :
judy horberg9 hr ago
By Anna Von Reitz
All over the country alarmed homeowners and landowners are getting unexpected demands to pay large amounts of taxes that they never heard about.  These bills appear out of the blue, usually with a "Notice of Power to Sell".  

What is happening is that the UNITED STATES, INC. is in liquidation.  That means that the STATE OF IDAHO is in liquidation.  So is CRAWFORD COUNTY.  So is JOHN MICHAEL DOE.  These are all franchises of the UNITED STATES, INC., so they are all being liquidated, too.

The bankruptcy trustees are going around and trying to settle the debts of CRAWFORD COUNTY by  taxing or selling off property belonging to franchisees like JOHN MICHAEL DOE who happen to have property in CRAWFORD COUNTY for the benefit of Secondary Creditors to the bankruptcy liquidation.

They are able to do this because they are trying to claim that the whereabouts of the actual owners and their identities are unknown, so that the property is abandoned.

What to do?  

Go do the Land Recording Office and get a certified copy of the present deed.

Go home and create a Corrected Deed to file on top of it.

You are going to correct the name of the owner from JOHN MICHAEL DOE to Doe, John Michael or Doe, J.Michael, or some other variation that suits you.

Next, you are going to correct the address.  If it was "1911 Sugarplum Lane" you are going to change it to in care of a Post Office Box or your business address or your Mom's mailing address.  One way or another, you are going to change it.

Next, you are going to change the land description itself.  If they were using Lot and Block, you are going to use the Plat Numbers, or a Metes and Bounds description.  If you can afford it, get a land surveyor to do a new survey and attach that to the corrected deed.  The point is, you are going to change it.  

As part of the land description you are going to add a tag line of new information.

If you were born in say, Montana, you are going to write the following on your corrected deed:

Covered under Private Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US Montana.

This tells the Bankruptcy Trustees to back all the way off  until their butts hit seawater.

I set up a Private Indemnity Bond at the U.S. Treasury covering every one of the fifty states.  You can indemnify your property against all and any claims against JOHN MICHAEL DOE by piggy-backing onto your home state's indemnity bond and making reference to the bond in your land description.  

The rats will have to discharge their claim and set it aside because the actual Principal Priority Creditors have come forward and staked their claim.  

Spread the word and the instructions and help your neighbors.  This is all about helping each other through this onslaught of fraud.  Go door to door if need be.
jday19659 hr ago
judy horberg
WOW Judy!! great information. I will pass this on.. I knew about our strawman and the corporate account that was made upon our birth certificate when we were born. the ACT of 1871, the act of 1933. thanks.
My Fathers Daughter 2015
My Fathers Daughter 20159 uur geleden
judy horberg Is this only in Idaho and only if you own a home?
judy horberg
judy horberg9 hr ago
jday1965 no problem hun. please pass this on to everyone you know. They have our DNA and will have us too. This is how they can Chem trail us everyday and get away with it.  We are their lab rats. Go to for more info. This has to be done right away. Our country is going to go bankrupt soon. 3 months, but they have to gather funds before then. Go onto your favorite sites and post it.  That's how we win and stop the bankruptcy. The queen will have to pay, not us. It's her debt not ours.
Grace by Faith
Grace by Faith9 hr ago
Now you're talkin'!!! YES! In "Order" to survive this onslaught (onset of slaughter) you MUST first know who you are (legal fiction - slave, or flesh and blood -king of your domain) and then, by learning THEIR game, learn how to PLAY THEM BACK flipping their admiralty fake law of the sea (The Holy See) BACK to common law of the land which has 800 years of jurisprudence behind it. LOVE this post, love the woman teaching it (check her out, she's an amazing warrior) and LOVE that people are learning these lawful remedies to illegal shenanigans! Thank you, sister, and God bless you! There are ALWAYS common (real) law remedies to "color of law" FRAUD!
judy horberg
judy horberg9 hr ago
+My Fathers Daughter 2015 no this is for all 50 states. You put the numbers then your birth state in place of Idaho. Do this to save your house, and property, list your upper and lower case name too. Go to to get more info.
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weird youtube comment
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