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 FADE to BLACK host: Jimmy Church guest: Grant Cameron

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PostSubject: FADE to BLACK host: Jimmy Church guest: Grant Cameron   Wed Mar 14, 2018 1:19 pm

The only person to listen to when it comes to this Pentagon disclosure stuff is Grant Cameron.

Furthermore around 1h:08:30 you can hear Jimmy read an old quote from Tom le Dong from months before the official release, which is very important and overlooked by most UFO researchers including perhaps Cameron.

"I created a vehicle my team was able to supercharge, and get the Pentagon to officially acknowledge the existense of UAPs."

So much for official disclosure of aliens being real and visiting Earth. Rolling Eyes
This is only about warming the public for some new kind of technology they developed.
While at the same time the military gets extra funding for a so called 'aerial threat'.

It 's just another bloody Psyop. 
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FADE to BLACK host: Jimmy Church guest: Grant Cameron
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