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 Sunburned foliage

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PostSubject: Sunburned foliage   Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:38 pm

A different kind of fpv video this time. Took a walk around the field to film all the dead bushes and trees.
Tried doing it with my drone, but with the fpv camera at 45degrees angle it is hard to hover in one place.
Stabilised the footage with youtube, turned out a little warpy sometimes, but overall better viewable then the original.

Can't remember ever noticing the foliage and grass die off like it did this year. pale

If you think it's not that bad, be sure to watch the last minute.

Unstabilised version, if the warping is too disturbing. Plus the resolution is better.
I found the stabilised version better because the shakiness of the original blurs the image slightly.

Also interesting to see the difference between stabilised and normal. :

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Sunburned foliage
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