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 "Antigravity" Method 15b Pt b of 15 -Worlds's 1st Free Flight of A Tesla Coil powered Flying Saucer!

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PostSubject: "Antigravity" Method 15b Pt b of 15 -Worlds's 1st Free Flight of A Tesla Coil powered Flying Saucer!    Fri Nov 23, 2018 11:58 am


Quote :
World's First Free Flight of a Tesla Coil powered Flying Saucer! From the AurumSolis Laboratory, that produced and demonstrated the world's first small scale Solar Powered Helicopter that actually flies. The World's first Laser Powered Helicopter using solar cells. The Worlds Second Microwave powered Helicopter using a rectenna and Induction powered Helicopter using a resonant tuned loop coil. All these flights were powered by the energy transmitted from a ground based transmitter and contain no on board battery or power supply, respectively by IR lamps, the sun, invisible microwaves and electromagnetic waves by induction. John R. Iwaszko is now proud to present the World's First Tesla Coil powered Flying Saucer. Power is transmitted wirelessly by electromagnetic waves in "free space" from a Tesla Coil Transmitter! The First successful flight was on Thursday the 1st of December 2011. This brings to life Tesla's dream of wireless powered flight, more than a century ago. By referring to Tesla's Colorado spring notes, some of his receiver circuits utilised a low impedance resistance for a DC return path through a coherer and telegraph indicator which was the receiver's electromechanical output transducer. Tesla uses a battery but today a wirelessly charged and rectified super or Ultra capacitor can also allow the main or secondary capacitor to charge to a greater portion which has the same effect as an oscillator injected with negative resistance similar to "peak boost" which raises the effective Q and the important resonant rise of the voltage. The effective Q is then increased by a multiplicative factor, or Q multiplier. This narrows the selectivity curve and magnifies the circulating current, and has the same effect as making the detector stage regenerative, as with Armstrong's super regenerative receiver patented in 1922. But Tesla's sensitive detector is far simpler producing substantial gain from a simple circuit that only requires a few components, and works when adapted to wireless power transmission! Here you can see the main elements that are combined to form a wireless resonant circuit. The receiving aerial in the form of a ball, the oscillation capacitor that produce electrical oscillations and the main receiving loop coil wrapped around the bottom hull of the saucer.

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"Antigravity" Method 15b Pt b of 15 -Worlds's 1st Free Flight of A Tesla Coil powered Flying Saucer!
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